Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Quality, Responsibility and Unity

Business Network,  how we engage with business partnerships and how we interact with people in our community.

We value education and enhancing our people’s skills and are focused on creating a learning organisation for our group members through training and empowerment.

There is a strong commitment by RBN to help the Reddy Community in which we operate and our social and philanthrophic efforts support a myriad of causes that are close to our hearts.

RBN views good citizenship as a full time commitment with key goals and accountability to our external stakeholders primarily our community.

RBN has five core values which underpin the way we conduct business.

These core values are entrenched in how we do business, make decisions & interact with people in our community.

RBN is a successful, entrepreneurial Business Network Group with a diverse Global portfolio.

Our Network spreads across different asset classes and investment life cycles.

Our Network activities span diverse sectors including hotel , hospitality, education, construction,  engineering equipment, retail, financial services, insurance,  real estate etc.

We strive to achieve excellence through sound leadership utilizing our greatest asset – our passionate core team.

We have many business  networks, but only one culture.

Reddy Business Network operate  within the strict boundaries of ethics, compliance and integrity.

We follow a simple philosophy centered on our people, our values and our core strengths.


Sri KV Reddy & RBN Core Team Members.


We have a talented team with diverse specialties across many industries providing significant experience to business network we get involved with.


Our extensive business and personal network cover entire Business Reddys, First of its kind in the History of Reddy Community.


Our Network cover a global footprint where we look for synergies or investments where we can add value to our group members.


We are extremely proud of our successes in Business Network among Reddys.


Our expertise covers a diverse range of segments including hotels, property, financial services, education and construction & engineering.


We are a family of business network with core values of Integrity, Excellence, Quality, Responsibility and Unity.